Does your studio maintain regular public hours? No, my studio, though fully equipped with the right gear and acoustic treatment is considered private and not open to the general public.

However, I do extensive projects with people I know or who are referred from a colleague or friend at mutually agreeable times. This is to say, I don't work with just anybody, I am very serious about who I work with and about the quality of my work. I am picky to be honest.


I do have a soft spot in my heart for young up and coming artists, but I have learned that many have big dreams, yet lack the work ethic or budget required to do their dreams any justice.

To win at this game, an artist needs real funding, a real competitive drive, a lifelong commitment to their work and craft. Usually, the need to pay their bills, distracts them into the second job, which then takes away needed practice time or time to work on being creative or delivering a killer show.

Think of what someone like Lady Gaga does with her day. If somebody is walking around with that kind of spirit and passion for their work, they might have a chance. But even for this person, the sea needs to part and the planets align.

In the end, be self aware, be realistic, don't ruin the lives of people you love, especially yours. If you are torn by that crazy passion in your gut telling you to do it, read the book "Heaven and Hell" written by Don Felder formerly of The Eagles. You decide if living the dream is worth living in hotel rooms for 30 years, not knowing your kids and getting divorced is worth the idea of chasing your dream at all costs...

Don't get me wrong, you can still make high quality commercial art and have an impact with something you personally created. That in and of itself is a reward that you can enjoy.

What do you charge for your services?

I work by the project and quote you a base rate and add on's for extra options, if you need them. All prices are quoted in advance and discussed with the client prior to doing any billable work.

A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to start a project.

Final payment is due prior to turning over a completed project for release.

What credits do you require. Do you keep any percentage of royalties?

Credits are required for services performed, i.e., Producer if I am hired as a producer, composer if I write any melodies or beats or tracks or songwriter if I write or we jointly write a song together.

Can you assist in getting the work published, promoted or heard by industry?

My connections are based on my own work and experiences. There are no promises or guarantees. I have been told by one prominent publisher, that if my name is on the track as a co-writer, he would accept a submission for consideration. This again is no guarantee, just a relationship created from a long time of submitting quality work. My motto is to not take these relationships for granted. I won't submit just any song, it has to be really good and apparently in some cases my name has to be on it.

Radio and Video promotion. We can talk about my contacts in this regard, but be for warned, it is not cheap. Plan on spending 3-15 thousand dollars to get into the AAA level of the radio and video market. If you have a good song and a competitive production, you can hire a reputable team, that will effectively promote your music or video into the right channels and give life to your art. There is a chance you could catch fire, but the metrics will then tell you if you should double down and go to the next level. Do this 3-5 times successfully, get a few number ones and you will be on your way to becoming a household name.