Our Story

I have been involved in music since the 5th grade and can play every instrument that matters in making modern music. As a Nashville recording artist, I have been exposed to the best working musicians in the world, along with mix and mastering engineers. In my creative project studio, I have all the gear to make competitive recordings and the experience to write songs or parts and create arrangements in quick order. It is my pleasure to share this experience with other creative people as I really feel I can help them, a lot.

Our Approach

Honesty is the most efficient form of communication. Check my work, if you don't like it, let's just agree that art is subjective and part as friends.  If you accept that I can help you. Let's meet, plan out your goals and then get crackin'. Depending on the scope of the project, we will have a easy to follow contract with a list of stepped approals and deliverables. A project can start with a meeting, a follow up quote and a down payment to lock in dates and times.

Above all, we communicate openly, honestly, and agree to not judge art while we are making prototypes along the way. The final product comes from a process that can be trying at times, but is mostly amazing and enjoyable.

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Mix / Mastering Engineer

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