We can make a video with a smartphone or high a high end setup. Either way, we are most interested in being organized, efficient and artistic behind whatever lens we are using. The success of any production starts with capturing high quality content in the right setting. With efficient editing and quick turn around, we work to meet the established budget, while maintaining industry level quality.

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Audio is my 1st love in the arts. There is nothing like making a complete record with the whole story. It's akin to writing a book versus filming a movie. When done right, it is a grand project, shared by a team and so gratifying to pull off.

Of course if you are new to commercial quality recording, we can walk you through the process, starting with your next smash single or EP.

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Right or wrong, putting video and audio together is currently the most popular form of sharing art in today's world of screens. Understanding how to have an impact with HD video and sound across all platforms is what I call modern production.  Some questions that come to mind.

Who is the product for? What do you want the viewer to do with it? Is it a song that is ready to be invested in? Do you have a budget to distribute the work? If so, what outlets, stations, channels, etc. We have experience in getting National exposure beyond the consumer markets of youtube and facebook. If you are serious about competing, you need to line up all of the pieces with an appropriate plan and budget.

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Playing the following instruments at a studio level, I can make an audio track with all of the standard parts.

Drums, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Ukelele, Mandocello, Piano, Keyboards, Synths, Programming of Beats, etc.

As a mix and mastering engineer, I have learned under Andrew Scheps (Grammy Winner for work with Adele, Red Hot Chili Peppers) and became a graduate of the "Mix With The Masters". 2016

As a songwriter, I have written over 100 songs and published in excess of 50, have earned many awards, a number 1, and a top 10 on the Hot AMC Country chart.

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I laugh at this but its so true. Ever notice when you around a sheep dog, they rub up against your leg and try to move you in the right direction. They can't help it! They are born to do this.

Really, I'm not that bad, but just understand, I get so excited to make great work happen, I can certainly lead your art into a more commercial space, if that's what you want.

With my construction experience as a successful business owner and company president, I can create goals, make progress and do the hard work to get things completed in a timely fashion.

If you need a sheep dog...


Next Steps...

Do you want to make something out of your vision? Let's work on it together and get your art in a better place and out into the world.